E-Learning Portfolio

The items posted in this portion of the portfolio are e-Learning projects I created for Resources for Academic Achievement (REACH), the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenges, and for other clients.

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REACH Student Success Seminars

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Meeting the Challenge of Time Game
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REACH Student Success Seminar:
Taking Effective Notes
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REACH Student Success Seminar:
Acing the Test

REACH How To Guides

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REACH How To Guide- Final Exams
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REACH How To Guide- Taking Effective Notes
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REACH How To Guide- Textbook Reading
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REACH How To Guide- Time Management

Articulate E-Learning Heros Challenges

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Articulate ELC # 4- Flat Challenge
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Articulate ELC # 8- Clipart Challenge
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Articulate ELC # 73- Oddest E-Learning Course Title
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Articulate ELC # 12- Infographics in E-Learning

Other Articulate Storyline Projects

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REACH Seminar Technology Training
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Cardinal Scratch Off
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REACHing Your Potential
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History 102 Map Test Practice
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Concept Card Generator
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Collaborate Training for Students
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Collaborate Training for Tutors
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Using Anger Effectively at Work

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